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Content marketing is one of the most popular methods when it comes to generating leads, popular for both B2C and B2B companies. Listed below are the 9 ways on how this method works:

1. Customer Education

Customer and product education plays a crucial role in the marketing industry. Before a customer makes a purchase, it is important that they are aware of what the specs are, the features of the product, capabilities, and other functionalities – all of these can be done through a perfectly written piece of content. With a nice article, your readers will be able to absorb all the guidelines while you help them get the information that they are looking for. Based on what you've mentioned in the content, they can use the information presented to them to help them become educated about the specific product.

For instance – your company makes and sells motionless mixers. When you make an advertisement, you can post an article with the title "7 Different Things You Need To Know When Buying Motionless Mixers." Your potential customers will read it, make use of the criteria that you've listed and find a motionless mixer that fits all the criteria. Based on what they've read, which product has met all the guidelines? Yours.

2. Make Your Prospects Feel Grateful

When you're doing content marketing, customers feel grateful when you offer something in exchange. For instance, you can always give them out something free without any catch. Giving away a freebie to your customer doesn't oblige them to make a purchase in any way, but instead, they will feel more curious and inclined to see what you're offering this time. This can also grab their attention and interest at the same time – both of which are important when you're trying to sell a specific product.

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More than 50% of the buyers believe that a perfect product + relevant content always go well together. This makes it easier for them to do their research. Content marketing isn't just about posting articles, but it is also about giving your potential leads personalized content in the long run. By making sure that your customers are engaged, it has been found out that your retention rates will generally increase at the same time.

Richie, someone who's been one of my long-term newsletter subscribers sent me an email telling me that he really enjoys the e-mails I've been sending my people on the list. "While I know that they're promotions, I can still tell that there is value in everything you send because there's gold information on what you're sending, and this is one of the reasons why you're successful in the field." Richie's response is something that you would want to achieve to your subscribers and readers.

3. Helps You Generate More Inquiries

Content with a free offer at the end generates better sales than offers that do not have any freebies at all. This is effective and has been proven to work, given that your content offers relevant information. You can always post relevant content on your blog, social media channels, and improve customer engagement. This also helps new customers to find out more about your products, services, and/or businesses as a whole. They will be able to see the value that you're offering, that you have something that they need. Potential clients are more likely to go back to your website if they know that you're posting fresh content regularly.

4. Brings More Customers

Did you know that the majority of successful marketers get new customers through their blogs? Whether your first customer landed on your site through Google's search results or from a white paper, content marketing is a crucial part when it comes to your B2B purchase cycle.

In general, a B2B customer is looking for a product that does 70-90% of the work doing product research, evaluation, and even more research before they even decide to contact the vendor. The statistics is based on Forrester Research, and these inquiries are often done through online channels. One way of pushing a potential lead to a customer to that tiny pipe hole is by making sure that you have relevant informative content posted on your website, search, and social media platforms.

Content marketing also involves sending emails – and it shouldn't be 100% promotional emails. The ones that you're sending to your subscribers should also be 50% informative, and 50% informative and promotional. If you're sending out salesy email letters all of the time, you'll notice that people will start to unsubscribe because they don't get any relevant information from you. This also includes people who will just stop reading your emails altogether, even if they haven't officially clicked the unsubscribe button.

5. Sets The Business As An Expert In The Field

People trust the expert. If you're posting content in your particular niche or industry, it gives you to be in a position in front of your audience that you are authoritative and that you're the expert in the field. Prospects would rather purchase from people who they perceive as experts versus salesmen. In this age where technology rapidly changes, content marketing makes it easier for you and your team to stay relevant and up to date on the latest trends.

Your marketing team isn't the only one involved in publishing content, but your account managers, social media managers, and even your clients can help provide beautiful content that will help your business.

6. Allows Your Market To Make An Informed Purchase

Content marketing isn't just about sales. It is about posting content that will support your marketing efforts by educating your readers. You want your readers to be informed, to be educated about their choices, and not just instantly write a post blatantly promoting your product. 9/10 experienced marketers always make sure that they provide their audience with the information they're looking for, even before they pitch in the company's message.

A particular CMS marketer was able to integrate the content management software he's using with e-commerce, analytics, and other essential applications. While the product itself is amazing, the audience wasn't able to understand the benefits of using the said integration. What did he do? He published an article informing the audience, giving him the results that he was looking for.

7. Sales-Driving Method

Content is king – you've heard it a million times and there is no denying that despite the algorithm changes, you can use and reuse content to help you drive sales. You may use it to create a sales funnel: content that grabs the audience's attention, gaining their trust, having the audience yearn for your product, and lastly, asking them to make that purchase. Each stage may utilize both selling and educational pitches in your content.

8. Significantly Improves SERPs

Search engines, specifically Google loves up-to-date information and content. When you post content online, regardless of where it is, your search engine rankings are most likely to improve. This means that people will be able to find your website faster and easier based on a few search queries related to your business. Getting indexed pages and inbound links may take time, but this is possible by making sure that you have informative and educational content. Getting better search engine ranking position means that you'll be able to target more prospects, which you can then eventually turn them into buyers.

9. Promotes Website Traffic

Search engine partnered with social media can help improve your site's traffic. Hubspot mentioned that if you have around 50-100 website pages, considering that each page is unique, there's a chance for you to generate more traffic as compared to a website that has less than 50 posts. When you get increased traffic, you'll also get leads, which can then turn into buyers and increased revenue.

9 Different Ways Content Marketing Can Help You Get More Qualified Leads And Customers
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