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Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury in their day. Whether you jump into the shower every morning for five minutes to jumpstart your day and wake yourself up as quickly as possible, or you linger for fifteen minutes every evening before bed, the shower with extravagance ceiling lights is one of those everyday luxuries.

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It's probably the most indulgent time of your day.

Those few minutes of me-time can help you to feel restored before getting a good night's sleep, or they can energize you and help you focus on the day ahead.

To make shower time just that tiny bit more enjoyable, we want to help you add a touch of indulgence. A bit of pampering to start or end your day never hurt anyone.

Start by purchasing a shower gel that you really can't resist the smell of. Whatever your weakness is, give in to it and let yourself feel indulged every time you use it. If it's oil-based and silky, then you get bonus points for being extra luxurious.

It might be a little more expensive than bog standard shower gel, but it's so worth it for the daily injection of happiness.

After you've settled on a Radox scent you adore, invest in a lovely fluffy loofah and body scrubbing brush. The loofah will help your new shower gel go further, and the brush can help to increase circulation, making you feel full of life.

Adding Some Luxury To Your Shower Routine