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As you are aware, getting to know your insurances can be difficult! You always want the most effective way to pay off your debts, so here are some tips for you! This article is more focused on Tricare.

Whenever you invoice Tricare, there are always some specific billing practices that you must follow in order for your claim to be paid efficiently and accurately. For example, bilateral claims must be debited on lines separated by "LT", "RT". You can get detailed information via about Tricare collections.

All major claims from Tricare must be transmitted on paper and filed with a "Detailed Written Order" or, as Tricare calls it, a "Certificate of Medical Notification" (CMN).

If you don't send the CMN with the request while charging, there's a good chance it will be delayed before the CMN is sent. After 15 days after submitting your request via email, the complaint will appear on your portal, otherwise, you will reload the request. The portal request indicates whether it is pending, paid, or declined.

If the request is pending, simply wait up to 30 days from the date it was received before calling to see what stopped payments. After payment, Tricare will provide you with the amount paid and check the information about the agreed items.

If the application is rejected, Tricare will provide you with the reasons for rejection and a detailed remit.

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