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It's not uncommon to find something new or something better with regard to any product in today's market. Well that is certainly the case when talking about dog crates. People have found that wood dog crates are the new fad and not the traditional wire crates that you have seen so much of over the years.

wood dog crates have a lot to offer, great looks, durability, stability and more. So its not really that uncommon to consider purchasing a wood dog crate instead of the plain old wire ones.

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Wood dog crates bring a lot more to the table than the traditional wire dog crates because of their quality and craftsmanship. These types of crates are made of many different types of wood such as oak, maple, cedar, mahogany, or just about any other type of wood that you can think of. Each and every different type of wood has its own beauty to offer.

Different colors, different grain patterns, and different smells are all distinguishing features that make of the different types of woods.

Which type of wood dog crate should you buy for your home? Well that depends. First of all, what type of wood do you think you would prefer? They all have their own price range and some are much more expensive than others.

For example, oak, because it is one of the more stronger types of wood and often has a more appealing look to it than say, cedar, it is going to cost a little more. The same is holds true for mahogany. It is also going to be more expensive because it provides a better look and feel than some of the cheaper, lighter wood types.

All About Wood Dog Crates
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