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Using the SkyTrak launch monitor, manufacturers created different golf simulator packages with different materials.

Easy to know how well you are performing

SkyTrak will improve your accuracy. Since you can choose the distance based on your needs, the SkyTrak golf launch monitor also displays the distance. This gives you a dynamic handicap after each shot.

And in that way, it shows how accurate your shot is. Once all your shots are measured, you will have an idea of how well you did and what level you are at. 

The direction in which you place your ball

SkyTrak has a laser that indicates the direction in which you should place your ball. This laser pointer is not present in the GC2 or GCQuad. So without SkyTrak, you don't know where to put your ball. You can update it and make it an advanced simulator.

Fix your 18 holes

The SkyTrak launch monitor features high-quality software displaying World Golf Tour courses! Apart from that, you get some amazing courses and opportunities like E6 Connect. With it, you can fix 18 holes in your own home.

For recreation

SkyTrak has successfully introduced its launch monitor to entertain golf enthusiasts. Recreational golfers especially like it as a home golf simulator. Because the SkyTrak software package features world-renowned golf courses, you can easily play anywhere in the world while staying at home. And golf courses don't need club data. You can only play with ball data as measured by SkyTrak Launch Monitor.

Benefits of Skytrak Launch Monitor In Australia