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Socks, in general, don't get a lot of attention from men as they are often not visible under your pants, that is until you sit down, and then they become one of the most prominent features of your outfit! ! Not only are men's socks important when it comes to their appearance, they must also stand out when it comes to comfort and quality. 

Leading department stores are filled with various brands that make formal and casual socks. Men's designer socks are made by several leading designer brands such as Ted Baker, Stanley Lewis, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Paul Smith, Falke, Burlington, Duchamp-London, and Pantherella.

 Some brands of men's socks are sturdy. An important feature to consider when shopping for socks is a hand attached toe. Most of the leading sock brands today feature hand-laced toes, as this adds comfort and durability for the wearer. You can order the monthly sock box via

Today's designer socks are made up of a multitude of exciting patterns in a true rainbow of color and style. On the other hand, for the more conservative man, there are still opportunities available to show off a subtle injection of color in a sock using darker base colors like black or navy. 

It is important to remember when selecting his socks, to select a color that is evident in other parts of his outfit. For example, if your tie shows shades of red, select a sock with red. This will add balance to your look. You don't need to exactly match your accessory designs and often the more mismatched the better, as long as you've adhered to the rule of colors by working together. 

You also don't need to just use your tie as a guide for selecting your socks – a scarf, pocket square, or cufflink could be the accessory that sets the stage for your decision.


Best Socks For Casual Wear
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