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First, the couple must agree that counseling is what they want to do and how they want to help their marriage. Often couples are hesitant or hesitant to step in and begin the marriage counseling process. Men resist the process because sometimes they think marriage counselors are on the side of women and slander them.

Here one question arises: how do you know if you need marriage counseling? Many couples report that they fight over the same thing over and over. Fights and conflicts start from the smallest things, whereas in the past it took a long time to start a fight. When communication is closed or non-existent, it is usually time to seek the help of a professional counselor or therapist. You can contact a therapist by dialing his/her call me number for a phone consultation.

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When the excitement and fun have waned, it may be time to ask someone for help. If you think all you have in common are external things like your kids, house, car, lifestyle, or anything else beyond the relationship or marriage that brought you together, maybe it's time to seek help.

Marriage is meant to be happy within itself and to stand on its two feet, not on external things to support it. Realizing that you both need marriage counseling is the hard part. In fact, telling yourself and then telling your husband that you both believe that you need help is a big step in the healing and healing process. 

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