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For those of us who have chosen to have our own business, the reasons for doing so may vary. The decision initiated by the desire to call your own shots to have control over your own destiny, or just have time to do things that conventional jobs will not allow. 

Whatever the reason, it is clear that having your own business is better to work for someone else. Today, more than any time in history, thousands of people start their own business. But to be a successful businessman they need to hire a business advisor. To know the benefits of hiring a business advisor visit

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What is also in progress is the number of small business owners that no one would trade their business for better-paying jobs. 

Some 36% of small business owners will close their company if they could find a job with a salary that works better for others. This percentage is up from 30% last year. Clearly, the challenge of today's business growth is taking a toll on the mind and bank accounts of small business owners everywhere.

How can an entrepreneur, filled with the desire to make it on his / her own terms and the vision to do something meaningful, come to the point of scrapping their dreams in favor of a permanent job? The answer probably lies in the mindset of the owners and their feelings are not able to achieve what they think it may be many years ago.

The economic environment is so tough on all small businesses to grow or even just stay afloat. However, there are businesses in every category of good. 

Business Advisor: What Makes Business Owners Abandon Their Dreams?