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Psilocybin mushrooms, like medical marijuana in medicine. There’s evidence they can treat depression, anxiety, alcoholism, intoxication, and PTSD, although more research needs to be done.

Now, the owner of a former medical marijuana dispensary in Canada is offering micro-dosed mushroom capsules by mail – but only with medical conditions that can be treated with psilocybin. If you are looking for a shroom dispensary in Canada then you can contact buy mushrooms Canada.

Mushroom Dispensary

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Although magic mushrooms can work wonders for some patients with specific medical conditions, there is no medical consensus about their efficacy.

Additionally, federal regulators in Canada do not recognize psilocybin as an approved medical treatment for any condition.

For patients who qualify, mushroom dispensary capsules come in three doses: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg ground mushrooms.

A regular dose of psilocybe mushrooms for psychedelic purposes would be between 100mg and 300mg dried mushrooms.

A microdose is too small, between 1% and 10% of an active dose, usually in the range of 25mg to 100mg, the website reads. Our goal is to provide therapeutic benefits without any noticeable psychoactive effects.

Also, apart from The Mushroom Dispensary, there are other websites selling Magic Mushrooms online that do not require medical documentation. 

Now we understand the methods we can use and increase the benefits of the key elements found in Psilocybin already present in the human body. 

Canadians Can Now Get Shrooms From The Mushroom Dispensary