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Chair massage practitioners often like utilizing predetermined chair massage patterns when performing seated massage.


One reason is that seat massage was designed by David Palmer who had been a strong proponent and instructor of a historical Japanese type of massage named Amma. Like most of those Eastern types of massage, the methods of Amma massage are implemented in a sequential and systematic manner.

As Palmer developed seat massage that he carried that strategy together with him, speaking to the approach for a massage kata instead of the usual massage routine.

This background aside, there are a number of excellent reasons to use a seat massage routine.

Chair massage patterns:

1. Provide for a degree of quality control. This is particularly when chair massage professionals are working collectively as a group that they frequently do.

2. Become automatic. Whenever you're massaging dozens of individuals in a public area you will find distractions. Possessing a seat massage routine ensures you dont become diverted and leave out significant components of your massage.

3. It gives a framework on which you may construct a more massage. Its a good base in order to speak.

This routine has been initially developed in 1994 and continues to be refined and developed since then on tens of thousands of consumers. The massage routine concentrates on the trunk, shoulders, neck, arms and palms.

The routine was likewise designed to quicken a pupils learning process, letting them perform a secure, powerful, and profoundly relaxing massage in a few days. In under a week of instruction, students can do massage that feels really great, that lots of clients believe they have trained for ages.


Chair Massage in Routines
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