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With the ever-growing world-wide population, food can be scarce if not sufficiently produced. It is with such a factor in mind that supplies of meat and other foods are heading into super productions. If you are interested in buying frozen food online then visit allfrozenfoods.

Can you imagine eggs-laying hens are now manipulated to lay more than one egg a day? These hens are fed with highly fortified minerals and hormone boosters that induce the hens to lay 2 to 3 eggs a day. One day, man will invent eggs laying machines, I wonder if one will live long enough to dare to taste one.

What about the supply of chicken meats? The demand of chicken meats in our market has encouraged more farmers to go into rearing them in commercial scales that purely target for meats.

These farmers could not afford any loss so these chicken are fed by pellets of noxious industrial feed laced with hormones and antibiotics.

Growth hormones are given to fasten the growth of the chicken while antibiotics to prevent these chicken from getting ill and dying. No farmers are willing to accept any loss. Eyeing for profits is one of the main motives too.

Just to copy some of what he said. "the ways chickens are produced for market today is even more of a horror story than pigs and cows. Up to 40,000 chickens are cooped up in steel cages in multi-storied 'poultry prisons', with two or three 'jail-birds' cramped into each cell.

Chicken Meat – Fried And Grilled
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