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In the infrared light treatment, the skin is not damaged by lasers, but red light therapy can be extremely helpful in fighting age. It is non-invasive and non-ablative (skin-damaging), it does not require downtime and no pain. 

The wavelengths penetrate the skin gently and promote healthy tissue, cells, and skin without causing any damage. LED light therapy can reverse the effects of aging. Infrared light treatment is one of few non-invasive options.

LED light therapy reduces pain

LEDs have been proven to be effective in pain relief, muscle and joint pain relief, as well as back pain. Infrared and red light wavelengths penetrate deeply into the body, easing pain and healing damaged tissue. 

The 880nm wavelength of infrared light penetrates to depths of approximately 30-40mm, making it extremely effective for treating bone, joint, and deep muscle issues.

Cognitive function is improved by light therapy

Recent research has shown that light therapy can improve cognitive function in people with traumatic brain injuries. Daily light therapy treatments on the scalp and forehead can make a dramatic improvement in cognitive function, including memory, inhibition, focus, and ability to maintain attention and focus.

Red light therapy is effective for many skin conditions. It also works well at relieving pain and improving cognitive functions. This amazing technology continues to be studied and shows incredible benefits for the skin, body, and mind.

Does Infra Red Light Therapy Really Work?