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You could start to realize that an adult child who is disabled or unable to work would never be able to take care of themselves. Parents should be aware that there are ways to support their impaired child for the rest of his or her life without jeopardizing the child's government assistance.

A special needs trust in Arizona may be established using funds that the child has either earned or received, such as inheritances, insurance proceeds, settlements from personal injury claims, or cash gifts from third parties. 

Here are some of the benefits of special needs trust are:

  1. A SNT enables disabled people to continue to be eligible for SSI, MediCal, and any other government support that is required for their well-being and health even if they have assets worth more than $2000.

  2. Insuring that a disabled child is cared for even when the parents are unable to do so gives them peace of mind.

  3. When creating a plan, there are a few special needs planning alternatives and other crucial considerations. The appropriate special needs choice for you or a loved one can be determined with the aid of qualified Arizona attorneys.

If you have a child that will require outside assistance throughout their lives, consult an attorney to explore the possibility of setting up a special needs trust.

Everything You Need To Know About Special Needs Trust In Arizona

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