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Are we safe from Fraud? This is a question on most peoples minds who have either heard of or, have had first hand experience with some type of scam. Compared to most countries our record is relatively decent. However, the problem still threatens everyone at any given time.

A recent study I conducted with family, friends and strangers concluded that 72 percent of the people interviewed had very little to no knowledge of most schemes being played out on people today. This included online fraud schemes as well as offline street hustles and con games. This was alarming to say the least. It told me that most people are not educated and explained why so many people become victims of these crimes each and every day.

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If only I could grab people and tell them to wake up and smell the scam. It doesn't just happen over seas and across the boarders, it's in your own backyard waiting to come in and invade your life. Unfortunately, people would rather go around thinking they are safe until it is too late. If only they knew that with just a little bit of knowledge they could be saving themselves from terrible misery.

The first step in protecting you and your family from fraud crimes is education. By familiarizing yourself with the different types of scams, your chances of avoiding them grow exponentially. As well, the more you learn the safer you will be. This is because many of these confidence games work in the same fashion, making them easy to spot.

Fraud Prevention – The First Step in Protecting You and Your Family