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Replacing a sun lounger cushion is easy when the original one is no longer comfortable. There are a few different types and brands to choose from. We've reviewed FROSON, Malaga, and Malaga Plus. Let's compare these brands to see which one's best. Here are some of the features to look for in a replacement sun lounger cushion. We also discuss how to clean the sun lounger cushion.

Malaga Plus

If your sun lounger cushion needs to be replaced, you can purchase a new one from Malaga Plus. The sun lounger cushion is available in a pattern A017-06LB. The top part is made of polyester-cotton fabric while the bottom is made of polypropylene. The upper part is reinforced with a pocket to attach to the frame, while the lower part has a rubber strap to keep it in place. The cushion has a six to eight cm Flocke sponge filling, as well as quilting around the edges. In order to keep the cushions firm and comfortable, Malaga Plus sun lounger cushion replacements are available in four sizes: the seat and backrest.


A FROSON replacement sun lounger cushion is made of thick, luxurious fabric and fits most models. The cover is easy to remove and is made from UV-resistant material. A luxury sun lounger cushion makes any day feel like a sunny one. Its comfortable shape and thick material makes it ideal for people who love to soak up the sun. This luxurious sun lounger cushion is made of a durable fabric that won't fade or lose its color.

FROSON, Malaga, and Malaga Plus Sun Lounger Cushion Replacements