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Halal can be found on a number of different food labels and restaurants. This term is very important for our Muslim friends as it describes what they are allowed to consume according to their Islamic dietary laws. In countries where people have different religions, the term halal food is very important.


Halal means are lawful. When this term appears on food labels or restaurants claiming to be Halal certified, it means that their food preparation complies with Islamic dietary laws and therefore they can eat the product. To get the best halal food, order online now.

In Islamic law, for halal meat products, the method of slaughtering animals must meet certain conditions. Slaughtering animals is considered the most painful and torturous method of killing. Nothing could be more than the truth. 

Neutral scientific experiments conducted in non-Muslim countries have firmly established that the Islamic method of slaughtering halal food with a knife is the least painful and therefore the most humane method of killing animals.

The Western method of striking an animal in the head is not only extremely painful, as experiments have shown, it is also extremely unhealthy. There is a growing concern that this technique could be part of the transmission of mad cow disease (MCD) from cows to humans.

The development of transformation of international standards for halal food and accreditation is expected to reach an intense pace in the coming years. 

Halal Foods And Their Global Reach