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Have you ever stayed in a hotel for a night wondering how the hotel staff maintains the towel so soft?

You may be surprised to learn that there's a technique to the way you wash your towels to ensure that they don't just stay in good condition and fresh, but also retain their absorbency over time. You can also visit for tea towel cleaning.

Set colors

Clean your towels using similar shades using warm water. This is for the initial few washes. If you've bought your towels in sets then this shouldn't be that difficult. One method can be to mix 1 cup white vinegar to washing water (wait until the washing is full, after which you can add vinegar into the wash, but not directly on the towel. The vinegar aids in setting deep color prevents fade and also removes any excess detergent.

Clean towels frequently

Clean and change all of your towels every three to four days, if they're used frequently. It's a good idea to change your tea towels regularly. best practice. Keep two tea towels and a hand towel in your kitchen . one to dry dishes and the other one for drying your hands.

Dry between each use

It's not surprising that towels can be the perfect place to breed mildew until they are completely dry which is why you should hang them up each time you use them or unless you intend to wash them right away. 

Towels are not smelling great when they're placed in a pile in the middle of your floor, or in the top of the laundry hamper! If you're able to, hang your towel onto the line after you've used it and then bring it back at the time of your day.

How Can You Wash Tea Towels