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It's not necessary that the monthly cost of outsourcing your bookkeeping be a surprise. Before you sign up, compare how different bookkeeping solutions calculate their prices and what the fees include.

Bookkeeping packages include accurate, quick, daily bookkeeping according to GAAP standards. You also get a dedicated finance concierge who can access a real-time dashboard that displays your financial data in easy-to-understand reports. For more information about bookkeeping packages pricing, visit

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Each bookkeeping solution offers a different set of services. However, any bookkeeping professional you work with must keep accurate and up-to-date records of all financial activities of your company using accounting software. This includes daily transactions as well as income and expenses.

A bookkeeper can also handle your day-to-day financial tasks such as accounts payable and receivable. They will reconcile your bank accounts and prepare monthly financial statements.

Bookkeeping services are typically priced on an hourly basis. The number of hours spent by the bookkeeper managing your finances determines the total amount that you will end up paying each month.

The complexity of your work and how many financial transactions you have will affect the time it takes to do your bookkeeping. It will take the bookkeeper many hours to properly categorize, reconcile, and enter transactions into your accounting software if there are many transactions to be recorded.

The more complicated your finances, the more time it will take to do your bookkeeping. You can have your finances complicated by many factors. These include how you get your revenue (for instance, through automatic recurring charges or manual billing), and how many bank accounts or credit cards you use. Some bookkeeping services may charge an additional fee for every additional credit card or bank account they manage.

How Do Bookkeeping Price Packages Usually Work?