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Messenger Bot is a bot developed by Facebook for their fan pages. This software allows the fan page administrators to have a custom built-in system that runs through Facebook chat, hence preventing the users from having to type out lengthy messages while participating in a group chat. It also allows them to send text messages instead of using their keyboard. Since this is an artificial intelligence-based solution, the chatbot not only has the ability to speak but also to suggest words and sentences that can be helpful in solving problems or generating ideas during conversations.

There are many types of Facebook chat Bots that are developed by third parties. One such bot is Facebook Chatfuel, developed by Zox Software. Unlike other Facebook chat Bots, Chatfuel is a group chat solution that is mainly designed to be used by college students. The biggest advantage of using Chatfuel as opposed to others like Facebook Instant chat or Messenger Chatbot is that it does not require any knowledge on how to use Facebook chat applications. All that one needs to do is install Chatfuel onto the computer which will allow the user to log into his/her account while in the middle of a group conversation.

Facebook chat Bots such as Chatfuel also have artificial intelligence, so that they can adjust their strategy depending on the type of conversations taking place. In fact, some of these Facebook chat bots were tested to recognize up to 300 different types of voice commands. Some of these voice commands may include "type", "volume up" and "down". It is however important to make sure that the bot is not infected with malicious programs such as viruses or malware before installing it.

Other artificial intelligence-based chatbot solutions like the Facebook Chatbot can also work as both a group leader and a follower. These bots can be sent to relay messages to groups of people or they can act as a "virtual manager" who can be called upon by the administrator for any reason. In this way, the Facebook chatbot works as a part of the Facebook community as an actual member. The developers of these chat Bots hope to give users the ability to play around with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies using their Facebook Messenger Bot.

Users can set up their Facebook profiles to enable them to receive notifications when someone starts a conversation with them. Whenever they click on the "Get Started" button on the notification, it will trigger a quick reply feature. This allows them to start a conversation with a person who has asked to speak to them. If they choose to "block", they will not be notified when a conversation starts. This will allow people to continue chatting with each other without having to deal with the "blocks".

To prevent Chatfuel from being used for abusive purposes, the developers of the Facebook Chatbot have programmed it to only send and reply to text messages. It will not respond to emails from people that it does not recognize as being part of the Chatfuel network. However, the user has the ability to specify which types of conversations the chatbot is permitted to have. This allows the user to determine if someone has sent them a private message or if they are being abusive.

In order for a person to be able to block someone they do not know very well, they must be able to provide the chatbot with a phone number or contact information. This is why most of the chat Bots on Facebook now have a feature known as "protection." When a user activates protection, the chatbot will not reply or block someone based on their location by default, but if they use a phone number or contact information to log in to the Chatfuel server, the chatbot will be prevented from using that information at all.

There are many different kinds of applications that Facebook has designed for the Facebook Chatbot. In fact, many companies that provide chattel services to Facebook have even created entire business applications for Facebook Chatfuel. Because of the success that the Facebook Chatbot has been having, many companies are starting to use the Facebook Chatbot for their own internal communication. This is good news for those who are looking to get more out of using Facebook. As long as the chatbot is used in the proper manner, there is no reason why it shouldn't replace any of the older methods of communication.

How Does the Facebook Chatbot Communicate?