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Wooden coat hangers are not only for coats. They are suitable for a variety of garments. Some are made with special attachments to add pants or skirts. These wooden hangers are made to withstand very heavy garments such as winter coats but they are functional enough to also hang shirts and light jackets. 

They come in a number of different designs. These coat hangers also come in a variety of different kinds of wood. You can buy custom-made clothes hangers online from reliable stores.

Wooden hangers are more durable and stylish than wire or plastic hangers. Wire hangers cannot take on heavy garments and they tend to change the shape of delicate garments. And plastic wires are not only not environmentally friendly but they are not durable. 

Wooden hangers will last for many years and provide the proper amount of space to hang your garments without wrinkling. Wooden hangers also add an element of style that wire or plastic hangers do not. Wooden coat hangers come in many different shapes and forms. 

Cedar wood hangers are relatively cheap and are the most common form of wooden hangers. The cedar is a versatile wood that offers a fresh scent that also serves to deodorize your closet. These hangers are popular due to their style and functionality.

How To Choose Wooden Hangers