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Anal fissures can be cracks or tears in the anus area, causing pain, discomfort, and sometimes bleeding. Anal fissures can be closely linked to hemorrhoids, but they are not hemorrhoids. 

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Anal fissures are treatable - San Francisco AIDS Foundation

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There will be a range of pain levels that a person can feel. It will depend on where the pain is occurring and how many cracks are caused by the tearing skin close to the rectum. 

It may occur during or after a bowel movement, and it can last quite a while. This can be extremely painful, especially for babies and young children. This is why parents should make sure their child or baby has immediate anal fissure relief.

Itchy or burning sensations are common with anal fissures on the outer portion of the anus. It also emits a foul-smelling gas that sticks to undergarments. Anal fissures can occur in many ways. It is thought that the anal mucosa has stretched beyond its limits.

Anal fissures can also be caused by involuntary actions of the internal anal, which fails to release when you defecate. You should immediately seek treatment and relief for anal fissures if you suspect you may have this disease. You can get relief from the discomfort and pain that this disease can cause by acting immediately and seeking treatment at the anal fissure.

There is good news for those looking for anal fissure treatment and relief. Now medications are available to quickly treat and alleviate pain and discomfort. 


How to Get Instant Relief from Anal Fissure