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To obtain a concealed carry permit in Florida, the person must first complete a concealed carry class and only then need to obtain a concealed carry license or CCW.

The applicant must first complete an 8-hour training course certified by the State of Florida. There are many such courses registered in the state. You can also search online for the ‘best concealed carry class near me’ and get the required results in no time.

Many major gun clubs in Florida also offer their own courses, as well as help with the paperwork required.


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After completing the course, the candidate must submit information for a background check. Part of this is filling out a fingerprint card and submitting it to the FBI for verification against a national database.

The card should only be completed by a professional digital printer, never by you. County or city police offices provide this service at various times.

The application must be completed within six months of the end of the course. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, have no convictions for felony or misdemeanor of domestic violence, not be a fugitive from the law, and not have been dishonorably discharged by the military.

 If your application is accepted, there is a fee of $ 65 to obtain your license. Law enforcement officials benefit from certain special exemptions that make it easier for them to obtain a CCW.

The CCW permit in Florida is for 7 years. The renewal process is similar to the application process, but you only need to take a 4 hour refresher course.

How To Obtain A Concealed Carry Permit In Florida?