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Today many decking materials are available from wood, composite (wood-plastic mixture) and vinyl / plastic. The wood goes for a lower initial cost but more maintenance effort and cost, especially if the desired color is not a natural seasoned paint.

The wood looks like wood. Composites are good for initial maintenance costs, between maintenance end and low on cost, and color retention. To get more information aboutdeck replacement via

Decking Materials

The composite does not look like wood. Vinyl / plastic is the highest in initial cost, the longest in expected service life, the lowest in maintenance costs and effort, and great for color retention. The vinyl / plastic also does not look like wood at all.

Most of the decking installed in the US is of wood and most of the wood decking is considered cedar. Treated pine is treated to prevent rot (CCA has been phased out and now replaced with ACQ and other treatments). These are summaries for chemicals in treatments. The most treated wood is the southern yellow pine.

Composite decking is a distant second in popularity after wood, but now it is already in new deck installations and re-decks (reusing old deck framing and replacing old deck boards and railings with new composite materials) Is far more popular.

“Composite” means that the decking is molded or cast out from a secret formula that is a mixture of wood and plastic or vinyl. Wood is a woodfruit of various species and species.

How To Select Your Decking Materials