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The only way to reduce processing time for your Canadian immigrant visa application is to have a job open in your hand. This vacancy must be from a Canadian company and will reduce the time it takes to process your permanent residence application. Once you get a visa, getting into Canada will be much faster. After you receive a job offer from a potential employer, you have three options.

Approved Work:

This is based on a persistent job offer and you are not allowed to travel until you get a permanent Canadian visa. In this case, the employer does not need to prove that a Canadian was not found for the job he or she is offering for the job. All Canadian visa offices such as Canadian immigration services will process your Canadian permanent residence application as a priority (usually less than 1 year).

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Provincial Nominations:

Provincial nominations are similar to the previous two options. Most Canadian provinces offer nomination programs that result in a permanent Canadian visa. In most cases, these are unlimited open job offers from employers in a specific province. Once you receive your certificate of nomination in the province, you will usually immediately be given a work permit to travel to Canada and start working even before a Canadian permanent residence visa is issued. Your application for permanent residence in Canada will be given priority and you will usually receive your visa in less than a year.

Work Permit:

Work permits are only issued for temporary work. In some cases, work permits can be renewed in Canada. This is the fastest method and in some cases, you may be in Canada within a few weeks of applying. However, to accept a job offer, the Canadian employer must demonstrate that attempts have been made to unsuccessfully hire a Canadian for the job before they are eligible to send you a job offer for the position. The quickest way for getting a work visa is Express Entry to Canada that helps people to migrate to Canada fastly and easily.

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