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A password is required in a number of everyday cases – when accessing e-mail, ATM, or online bank account. This can prove to be quite a task to remember all the passwords at the same time. One might wonder why there is so much fuss about keeping passwords secure when a simple word or a date can do the job.

It is very important that one should keep a secure and unique password for each of these accounts. This is because, in addition to pulling out money from a bank account, an online hacker can steal personal information and important business of the email as well. You can know about password security from

How to choose a secure password

Passwords should not be easily guessed. Names, phrases, words dictionary, and a dated strict no-no. It can easily be tracked by hackers who can hack an account with the password quite easily. In fact, the password cannot be all the information that can be predictable.


A good password consists of capital letters, numbers, and special symbols such as $, & and *, etc. For example, 'shouts' is the password really bad, and 'YiKed739 # 45' is something that nobody can guess. At the same time, the use of mnemonics is a good choice.

Storing passwords

Passwords should never be stored anywhere. Most of us tend to write passwords somewhere, sometime over the paper and paste it on our computer, which is really a bad thing to do. Every person with physical access to the computer can use it to log into our account and do all sorts of things. Passwords should always be remembered and not disclosed to others.

Importance of a Secure Password