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The Bible goes one step further and reveals that meditation is more than a silent mental exercise. When God spoke to Joshua about meditation, the Hebrew word used in Scripture HAGAH which literally means MURMURING with pondering (Strong's concordance). 

According to the Bible, meditation is a mental exercise combined with verbal expression. It involves reflecting on and speaking out loud the word and promises of God.  When you meditate, you can think more about the biblical events that occurred, and recall the Bible teachings. Search online, to know more about the bible ancient timeline.

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3 Simple Tips for Incorporating Bible Meditation Into Your Life

  • Make a list of 5 to 10 Bible verses or promises that you want to ponder.
  • Print them out on paper and read them aloud during your quiet times.
  • Consider using pre recorded Bible verse programs to play at various times during the day or night to help you listen and focus on God's word.

Make meditation on Bible verses a regular part of your daily routine and take action steps that God shows you to take, because then you will make your path prosperous and then you will be successful. Reading, listening, and speaking the Bible verses on a daily basis can bring life, hope, and guidance to all of your situations. The Bible says that man will be filled with the fruit from his mouth, so he should speak well and eat well. The practice of biblical meditation is a daily discipline that requires proactive choice on our part. This is something that God cannot do for us. This is something we must do for ourselves.

Incorporating Bible Meditation Into Your Life
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