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Direct-fed microbials are products that contain viable and live microorganisms such as yeast or bacteria. These organisms are most commonly found in poultry feed.  It can also be referred to as probiotics. Regardless of the DFM or probiotic designation, their goal in poultry production is to provide birds with sufficient live microorganisms to confer a healthy advantage on the host.

Many people do not realize that young people have immature mucosal immune systems and their digestive tracts do not have a mature microbiome. At this point, birds become more vulnerable to population imbalances in the microbiome. By producing microbes that are fed directly to poultry, bacteria can colonize their digestive tracts and fight off pathogenic bacteria.

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Two main types of Direct-fed microbials are currently used in poultry: endospore-forming bacteria and lactic acid bacteria. Endospore-forming bacteria are preferred because they are more resistant to the feed production process.

What do directly fed microbes do?

DFM or probiotics provide a large number of beneficial bacteria to the host. They can occupy adhesion sites in the digestive tract, preventing colonization by useless species. Beneficial bacteria can also compete with other types of bacteria for nutrients and produce antimicrobial agents that directly inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

Advantages of direct feeding microbes

Quality probiotics are not only good for maintaining a healthy microbiome. They also have the ability to boost the immune system and increase vitality. You can optimize the microbiome in the digestive tract by selecting a DFM with the above attributes

Information About The Comparison Of Direct-Fed Microbials For Poultry