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With the advancement of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in manufacturing, the turn was made by software developers to build a better way of maintaining inventory. In the past, inventory control was less "control" and more "guessing" as a result of delays in data entry.

When poor inventory control is combined with poor management in other aspects of manufacturing (selling, purchasing, scheduling, production, shipping, etc.), the results can be disastrous. You can also look for ERP method for inventory control through online sources.

Indeed, for any defined trading period, it is vital that a manufacturer (or job shop) know what stock levels must be maintained to fully, quickly, and efficiently service their customers. Without such planning, lead times can be underestimated and supply delays may exceed delivery due dates, causing missed on-time deliveries.

A robust manufacturing ERP system software is designed to overcome the paper-based inventory management by combining and analyzing real-time data from all parts of the operation. It begins by building an electronic database of the inventory. This database is not merely a "piece-count" of on-hand stock; rather, it is a multivariate approach that takes into account such notions as existing stock, vendor, costs, reoccurring sales, and average lead times for unique stock or one-off parts.

All in all, powerful ERP system software will provide the modern manufacturer, job shop, and make-to-stock manufacturer the means by which they can improve cost savings, productivity, reduction of waste, and greater efficiencies throughout the operation. Successful inventory management today requires that manufacturers understand their place in the supply chain, and the reliance upon others in the chain is the basis for maximized on-time delivery.

Inventory Management In ERP System