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Determination of protein concentration is essential and widely utilized in protein biology, molecular biology, and other research programs. The focus of protein samples must be estimated before moving to isolation, purication, and evaluation. Various protein estimation approaches have been developed thus far. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages others. 

The majority of these methods are determined by the degree of tryptophan, tyrosine, and other aromatic amino acids. The Bradford protein assay was developed in 1976 which is a quick spectroscopic analytical process used to assess the concentration of protein in a solution. You can buy a protein assay kit at


The response depends on the amino acid composition of the proteins that are measured. This assay is a colorimetric protein assay that relies on an absorbance change of the dye known as Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250. This dye is present in three types, anionic (blue colored), neutral (green colored), and cationic (reddish colored). 

The dye creates a powerful, noncovalent complex with the protein carboxyl set by van der Waals force and vitamin category via electrostatic interactions. Throughout the creation of the complex, the reddish type of Coomassie dye donates its free electron into the ionizable groups on the protein, which causes a disturbance of the protein's native state, thus exposing its hydrophobic pockets. 

The Bradford protein assay kit, supply a well-designed, handy kit for every sort of assay. True protein quantitation is imperative to all experiments linked to protein research in plenty of research subjects. So, estimation of protein becomes easy with protein assay kits.

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