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Komatsu makes complete heavy-duty engines like mining vehicles, but the transmission makes it an efficient, hard-working engine. What gives them the biggest advantage is their oil immersion bearing heating system. One of its newest creations, the D155AX-5 crawler bulldozer, features three front speeds and three rear speeds to maximize the unit's performance. 

Its WA500-3 wheel loader has an automatic gear ratio that ensures optimal fuel efficiency while keeping the pressure off the components. It also regulates clutch pressure to avoid vibration or fluctuations during shifting. You can click over here to purchase the heavy duty engine kits.

These parts are built to last. Failing that, you can purchase Komatsu, Allison, and Caterpillar transmissions that have been remanufactured with strict failure testing processes and quality control protocols. A Komatsu D335A, was used by Marvin John Heimayer, furious with the zoning dispute, to destroy every building in Granby. 

When you work with these big names, both new and renovated, you'll be thrilled by their cutting-edge design, innovative engineering and stunning performance.

There are various ways to purchase a bulldozer for your business or even for your personal use. You can buy or rent a new or used device. Before making a purchase, it is important to determine your company's ability to pay and find a reputable dealer. Before deciding on a bulldozer brand, make sure spare parts and repair services are available.

Komatsu Transmissions For Heavy Duty Engines