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In recent years, laser technology has been used in a variety of applications and one of its most recent forms is in dentistry. Laser resurfacing or LANAP is a dental procedure that can help correct the dangerous condition of periodontal disease that affects many adults.

LANAP has become very popular among dentists at Weston Dental Specialists Group in recent years. LANAP is widespread in the US and the number of British dentists trained in this procedure has increased over the years. The benefits and ease of this process helped it gain popularity.

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Periodontal disease, gum disease in adults that can damage the gums and make teeth feel lost, is a painful condition. If left untreated, a person’s teeth can easily fall out. Traditional treatments for this condition have been known to be very painful. However, the LANAP procedure is painless and very effective.

What makes LANAP unique is that LANAP is not an inevitable form of dentistry. Instead of dentists using scales to penetrate the gums to treat periodontal disease, lasers are used to treat the condition. The gum test is used to determine how deep the disease is in the gums. Laser is then applied to the gums. The laser is tuned to a wavelength that damages and removes unhealthy tissue and maintains a healthy area.

After using the laser, the dentist will use several hand tools to remove the bacteria that have been removed from the gums. After the bacteria is removed, the gums are closed again with a laser so that nothing gets into them, including bacteria.

LANAP gum treatment is a painless procedure and no anesthesia can be used in the process. With the laser used, the bleeding is also much less than with the normal periodontal process.

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Another advantage of LANAP is that the recovery time from this form of dentistry is much shorter than that of standard procedures. During the visit, less time is needed to treat periodontal disease and less need for subsequent visits to the dentist after the procedure.

LANAP Dental Procedure – The Newest Form Of Dentistry