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In recent years, the automatic gate has been almost completely replaced by the manual. They give you a much higher level of security. At the same time, they have also become much more reasonable. There are various options to choose from so it is important for you to be very cautious. 

Sliding VS Swing Gates:

The swing hinges door model allows them to open on the side. They are only suitable for areas with a flat or a small slope. If the slope is too sharp then it becomes difficult for the door to open completely. Other requirements for the installation of the swing system is to have enough space for the opening of each panel.

The Ten Things You Must Consider When Buying Automatic Gates

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The sliding model is more flexible. They do not require free space in the surrounding area. You only need to have a side fence or wall becomes so apparent that the door can slide freely. Sliding gates can be installed on the properties set on flat terrain or on slopes. 

Operating System:

There are two main types of operating systems for automatic gates. The hydraulic system is more advanced. They offer quieter operation and tend to have a longer useful life. They usually have better wind resistance as well. However, they are much more expensive than their electromechanical counterparts. The electromechanical system is the primary choice for most home and commercial property because of the lower cost and reliable operation.

Access Control:

There are different types of access control features that can be added. A wireless transmitter and remote control have become mandatory for modern systems. You can also install a wired or wireless button to use the access code. You can also consider a video intercom system that is designed to provide a higher level of security.

Finally, you should know that the automatic gates are made according to strict safety standards. However, it pays to evaluate safety features in terms of completeness, effectiveness, and reliability.

Major Factors For Selecting Automatic Gates