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Marvel comics contain some of today's most famous fictional characters. Marvel characters are dominating the big screen thanks to the increase in superhero movies. Many people want to know more about the history behind Marvel. Timely comics published Marvel comics #1 October 1939. 

This issue featured Namor, the sub-mariner, and an android called the human torch. Martin Goodman was the founder of Marvel Comics. You can also ‘follow the marvel range’ (also known as ‘volg de reeks marvels’ in Dutch language) on various online sites.

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Goodman's relative Stanley Lieber was hired to be the interim editor in 1941. Although you might not be able to recognize his name, Lieber was writing under the pseudonym of "Stan Lee" during this time. Stan Lee, one of the most prominent figures behind Marvel comics, is responsible for some of the best-known characters in Marvel Comics.

After World War 2, sales declined. This was due to the demise of superhero comics. Marvel (then Atlas Comics), shifted to other genres and storylines that appealed to the general public. There were many genres, including horror, adventure, romance and comedy. The 1960's saw a revival in superhero popularity, largely due to DC's Justice League of America. 

Marvel comics followed this success with Stan Lee’s creation of The Fantastic Four. Marvel comics was soon able to give birth to new heroes like Spider-man and Iron man. Despite all the competition, Marvel managed to become one of the most important comic book companies in the globe.

Marvel comics are unique because they put more effort into developing their characters. The flaws of the characters are easily seen by readers, and they are able to enjoy the storyline more. Marvel comic books have revolutionized the industry and captured the imaginations of millions of people worldwide.

Marvel Comics – How It All Began?