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The following is a short but very important list of things end users can do on their own to reduce energy consumption. It will also extend the life of their commercial refrigerators, including freezers, gaskets and ice makers. It is now also easy to get the best Refrigeration Gaskets from Gaskets Rock International.

Refrigeration Door Seals - Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets

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This list is easy to review and very important for maintaining an appropriate product temperature. Have a look:-

1: SEAL:- Your refrigerator is working hard to get the product temperature right. Why did the cold have to enter? Check the door seals of all refrigerators and freezers regularly. Make sure all four sides of the seal actually touch the door frame. Check for seals, cracks, or missing magnetic strips. 

If the seal is worn and not sealed properly, it will need to be replaced. The key to maintaining temperatures and reducing uptime and energy consumption is a good door seal. This is especially true for hot kitchens!

2: CONTINUE TO CLEAN THE CAPACITOR COLLECTION:- This includes the condensers for the fridge, freezer and ice machine! The condenser coil is a heat exchanger for the refrigeration unit. This is the coil that sits outside the unit and removes heat from the refrigerant by passing it through the coil with a fan. 

It is important to keep these coils clean for proper operation of the device. Failure to do so will result in expensive repair costs including, but not limited to, damage to the compressor, damage to the fan motor, capillary tube restrictions, burnt wires, and damage to the thermostat.

3: CREATE THE UNIT:- To maintain proper airflow around the capacitor windings, it is important to keep a minimum distance around the unit. Most manufacturers recommend a distance of 2 to 4 inches on the sides and back of the standalone unit. Our recommendation is: the more resolution, the better! 

Measures To Save Energy and Extend The Life of Refrigeration Equipment