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boats in Australia aluminium

Buying a boat is one thing. Running and maintaining is another. And both have costs associated with them. To start with, be realistic about how much you can spend on owning a boat. Then, go through the tips below to minimize the ownership expenses to make it a budget fit.

Replace Slips with Moorings: If you can afford to put in more time moving back and forth to the boat and compromise on the electric hook, you can save a lot. Using moorings to replace marina slips can cost you around half the cost (and maybe lesser). Plus, you can always add transient slips when needed.

Dry Stack the Boat: This one’s a cost-effective option available at several marinas. While you need RIB (Rigid Inflammable Boat) or a motorboat of 4m to 13m size, you can opt for indoor big rack storage.

Trailer the Boat: Do you have a ground or driveway big enough to store the boat? If yes, you can use a trailer to tow the boat away from the water. Alternatively, you can opt for secure yards if not storing them at home. You can tow speed boats, Jon boats, sport boats, bowriders, and RIBS using your car.

Store Boat at an Inexpensive Place: Location is a crucial component here. The privilege of storing at a prime place like a scenic coastal region comes at a high cost. Or you can find fewer famous places around your place to save money. It might need you to drive a bit longer but will be a good choice for your pocket.

And you can always check with the store or dealer for tips and places for saving money while owning aluminium boats in Australia.

Money-Saving Guide – Tips to Reduce the Boat Ownership Cost