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At the pool warehouses in Canada, they are pleased to offer pool covers in a variety of standard sizes.

They also recognize that many pool owners may not provide adequate coverage for their needs beyond our standard coverage where our approved measurement services can be of great use. You can also buy auto pool reel that automatically covers your pool.

What is included in dedicated customer service?

No matter what shape your next sunshade is in, we're sure you can make the perfect one for your needs with our clear and easy-to-use pool cover calculator.

The first step is to choose the shape of the pool roof you need and choose rectangle, rectangle plus roman tip, round, oval or roman tip.

They can also treat those who need a special cover their pool of any kind other than we do not shape them. Instead, you will need to order your solar cover as a rectangle large enough to cover the pool before sculpting it yourself in the pond.

Industry leading material options

Click on the desired form in the selection in the measurement area of our online shop and you will be directed to a page where you will find various additional specification options.

Here you will be asked to provide the exact measurement – either metric or imperial – and from the drop-down list to determine the solar material you want.

Order Made To Measure Pool Covers