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Trace elements are needed by livestock for various functions, including immunity, reproduction, growth, and digestion. The trace elements come from organic and inorganic sources and include zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt. 

Organic micronutrients for cattle are better because they offer better intestinal absorption and bioavailability. Organic micronutrients are found in feed, but there is no guarantee that farm animals will get what they need from their feed. 

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Most of the standard minerals contain inorganic mineral sources with less intestinal absorption. Mineral formulations with organic trace elements such as Purina Wind and Rain® Storm® Mineral with Availa® 4 can help meet the needs of livestock. 

-They produce healthy calves with a strong immune system.

-They produce colostrum of optimal quality.

-Recovering from childbirth faster, return to estrous faster.

Organic micronutrients are even more important for livestock during stressful events or  or when environmental conditions are poor. Stressful times to use organic micronutrients include:

-Pre-calving, when the cow transfers nutrients to the developing calf.

-With breeding for optimal reproduction results.

-For calves during weaning.

-All year round when there are stressors or antagonisms in the environment.

Adding one or more organic micronutrients to animal feed increased growth, milk production, reproduction, and/or immune response in several studies. 

Organic Trace Minerals In Ruminant Nutrition