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There are several things that must be prioritized when planning your first wedding. If not done in a timely manner and in a prioritized manner, it can cause a series of hiccups and tears during your walk down the hall and the day "touching the tree" itself.

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One of these priorities is the location of the wedding. It is important to secure the location of your wedding and remove it from the list early in your wedding planning. This is more because another blushing bride may be looking at the same place and not where you put your heart into procrastination.

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 If you haven't yet decided on a location for your wedding, it is best to limit your options to what you expect from the venue. With this in mind, consider how many guests to invite, whether you need a large outdoor space for entertainment or dancing, what you want to spend on the spot, and whether your wedding will be small and intimate.

Regardless of your vision for the day, the safety of a place for the wedge should generally not be left for later in order to avoid the disappointment of the inability to provide the place you want due to the reservation and imposition of giving yourself a place in the end.

Plan ahead and remove this from the list. This will definitely take a lot of the stress out of planning your wedding.

Choosing a wedding dress is another aspect of wedding planning that needs to take precedence. This is something to plan once you've set your wedding date because you don't have to make a rushed decision. It is important to take sufficient time to see what's there and, if necessary, change your mind.

Planning Your Perfect Wedding in Denmark: What to Prioritise