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Shutters are used in households around the world for many reasons. Some are used to protect bright sunlight, others for privacy, some for protection from the sun but open to allow ventilation, and others are only used because it is beautiful and someone just puts the shutter on his / her house. 

A shuttle that meets all of these requirements in one is called a plantation shutter. These shutters are beautiful and practical at the same time and thousands of people have chosen to have them in their own homes. You can also buy the best plantation shutters in Melbourne via

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Plantation shutters originated in the middle ages and were designed for homes without glass windows to protect against elements such as wind, rain, sunshine, and even cold or heat. While they can't hold all of these things like stained glass windows, they are an excellent second choice.

While the benefits of plantation shutters were well known in the Middle Ages. In warm climates, they are able to keep the house relatively comfortable even with the slats fully open. This is because the warm wind has filtered through the house while providing adequate sun protection to keep much of the heat out. At that time, they were called plantation shutters because they were mostly used in plantation homes in warm climates.

Today, plantation shutters are used in a variety of homes, and although the old element for these shutters is wood, plastic has grown a popular material because it can look like wood at no cost. Additionally, plantation shutters can be painted in any color of your choice and adapted to any size, so you can easily place these flexible plantation shutters in any existing home.

Plantation Shutters Are a Beautiful Addition to Any Home
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