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PodChatLive is the weekly livestream for the ongoing education of Podiatry practitioners and others which might be interested. The show is broadcast live on Facebook and after that is afterwards published on YouTube. Each stream has a different expert or number of guests to speak about a unique subject each time. Inquiries are replied to live by the hosts and experts throughout the livestream on Facebook. In addition, there is a PodCast version of every single video presented on iTunes plus Spotify and the other traditional podcast options. They have gotten a great following that continues to increase. PodChatLive can be regarded as one of many ways through which podiatrists are able to get free continuing education points.

A popular episode was when the hosts talked with Annette Davis and talked about what the research informs us and doesn’t tell us with regards to the part of footwear and falls in older people. Podiatry practitioners play a crucial role in informing this client group on the appropriate shoes which needs to be used to avoid falls or lessen the risk for them occurring. She discussed the function of the Podiatrist in the assessment for falls risk and ways to communicate successfully to the elderly regarding this. She made a fairly solid case for all individuals of a certain age to be risk evaluated irrespective of why they're attending the clinic to see a podiatrist, even for an unrelated condition. She furthermore pointed out the reasons why that older individuals choose specific footwear that can be probably not suitable and the issues this can easily bring to the Podiatrist-patient interactions. Annette is a Podiatrist from Melbourne in Australia and is also currently serving as a Project Supervisor with the Department of Health and Human Services from the state of Victoria implementing the trouble of falls. She is at the moment completely her PhD on footwear and falls at Monash University and hopes to accomplish this in the near future.

Poor Fittinmg Footwear and Falls in Older People
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