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Any general aviation experimental aircraft builders will tell you that when working with composites and epoxies that if you do not have a complete respiratory mask and excellent ventilation that the smoke will get you higher than a kite. And people smoke does more than just get you high, because they are toxic.

Reduction of toxic smoke when working with Composites are important, especially in small factories, which sell to large companies and corporations, and part of making. While growing up I had a friend who made the winglets for the aircraft, which decreased the wingtip vortices and increase the efficiency of the wing, so the planes are used less fuel and better at a slower pace. If you are working with composites than you can buy military-grade gas masks online.


The wings are made of composites. A gentleman running the shop and he did sales. Within a few years, his partner suffered a stroke and later died and was considered then that the smoke got to him even though they had no ventilation in the shop and understand the issues when working with epoxies and composites.

These things can be very bad for your lungs and the fumes and materials if not carefully controlled causes lung cancer as well.

As a hurry for light vehicles, parts and improved so that the willingness of the use of composite construction sandwich and this problem will become more prevalent as private companies and small businesses pick up the slack, but no matter what the size of the company or where on earth the parts are made or who are exploited for labor; they should think about Preventing Toxic fumes when working with composites.

Reduction of Toxic Gases When Working With Composites