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The Regional Sponsored Migrant Scheme is a visa that would suit you if you are passionate about the outdoors, don't mind living in cities, and prefer country life. Any business located in an area with low population growth or a regional region of Australia can sponsor skilled workers from abroad for permanent work. 

This article will help you determine if the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme is right for you. You can visit our website to find out more about the requirements of enterprise reform stream permits in Australia.


An employer can sponsor an overseas worker for a permanent, full-time position for at least two years. Any person who is granted a visa under the RMS has the right to:

* Permanently live and work in Australia

* Go to school or university

* Get Medicare-subsidized healthcare

* You are entitled to social security benefits

* Apply for Australian citizenship

* Sponsor others to live and work in Australia

After an employer has hired a worker and nominated the job, the Regional Certifying Bodies evaluate the job to ensure it is not avoided and can only be filled by Australian citizens.

After the nomination has been approved and satisfied, the employee may accept the offer to work and apply for a visa. The employee must work for Australia within six months after arrival.

Regional Sponsored Migrant Scheme -Your Pathway to Australian Country Life