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If sales managers are more frequently and better trained and coached, their sales team can achieve higher performance and results. Sales training has a more positive correlation between frequency of training and sales performance. This article is dedicated to the importance of sales coaching and what you need to do to become an effective sales coach. Despite popular opinions, the sales profession is very skilled with many technical and interpersonal skills that need to be honed and developed continuously.

Even so, most sales people are not given formal training or coaching rather they are often left to work out for themselves how to be effective at sales. Even if they can attend sales training, most sales people don’t realize their full potential because nothing is done after training sessions to make people adapt their behavior, skills, and performance with new standards.

You in order to become a successful sales manager need to opt for a more effective and appropriate sales coaching program. There are various online programs available for sales coaching on that yo can opt for developing better selling skills.

Why sales coaching matters

  • Without systematic, on-the-job coaching post a sales training program 87% of skills that were covered in the sales training program are lost within 30 days
  • With systematic, on-the-job coaching post a sales training program the return on the sales training program is four fold.
  • Lesson: Sales training without coaching is a cost liability rather than an investment.
Sales Coaching – Why It Really Matters