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A severe asthma attack can make it very frightening. An asthma attack can make it feel like the person is having a hard time breathing. This condition can lead to death if it is severe enough. Salt therapy is becoming more popular as people realize that it can be used to treat asthma. 

For one hour, the patient will be seated in a chair in a private room. This is where salt therapy will take place. One hour will constitute one session. The patient will be asked not to breathe while they listen to relaxing music. To get effective dry salt therapy, you can also contact us.

The room will be filled with tiny salt particles that are negatively ionized as the patient breathes in, reaching the deepest parts of the lungs.

Salt therapy reduces inflammation by inhaling dry saline aerosol. The mucosa that lines the airway passages is responsible for edema. This causes the passages to become wider. This will allow mucus to be transported again normally and any obstructions will disappear. This will remove foreign allergens, tar residue, and other obstructions from the bronchioles and bronchi.

Salt therapy allows patients to breathe easier as their respiratory system becomes clearer. The patient benefits in many ways. Patients will have a better quality of life and will need fewer medications. Hospitalizations are less likely and asthma attacks will decline. Anyone can use this treatment option.

Salt therapy can be very effective if used correctly. This treatment has been reported to be effective by 57% of people who have tried it. It is proven to be effective in reducing dyspnoea by up to 88%. 

Salt Therapy For Asthma – How It Works