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There's no doubt that every woman is a fan of the silver hoop earrings however, what a lot of women might not be aware of is the fact that there exist a variety of variations of hoop designs, other than the classic simple single loop. The latest, trendy, and modern designs are truly giving the classic designs even a shot. What are these new and fashionable kinds of hoop earrings? Let's see.

Silver Oval Hoop Earrings

These hoop styles are created by attaching an oval hoop to a short chain, a single hoop or multiple hoops, or a French hook. They can be small silver hoop earrings with traditional round loops or even more exotic patterns like silver dolphins.

This style is so general that it is almost impossible to not find silver dangle earrings that you like. Another neat touch is that many jewelers will custom make a pair of earrings and can add any type of dangle that you want. One can hop over to to shop oval hoop earrings.

Square as well as Misshapen Silver Hoops

These kinds of earrings are stylish and fashionable and can be worn with a variety of clothes, particularly casual streetwear. They range from large squares to thin hoops, and almost every unique and wacky design. There are a variety of big silver hoop earrings with these designs that range between smooth and hammered or twisting silver. Sometimes other metals are incorporated with sterling silver and embellished with crystals and precious stones.

Double as well as Triple Hoops

While this style of hoop generally employs conventional circular shapes, however, it is distinctive and appealing. They are available in various sizes, and modern jewelers are now beginning to create these in unusual designs. For these kinds of earrings, triple or double loops, each smaller than the other, are placed with each other to create a pair of Hoop-style earrings that make a statement. They are available with high-polished finishes or different designs that suit your personal style.

Silver Hoop Earrings – What Every Girl Loves to Wear