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Symptoms of stomach cancer, like many other types of internal cancer, are difficult to identify and diagnose because they reflect other health problems and are misdiagnosed by patients. The most common symptoms of stomach cancer are gas or obesity after small meals. This can be mistaken for stomach flu or insects. Mild to severe heartburn can be mistakenly diagnosed as indigestion or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux).

At an advanced stage, symptoms of stomach cancer can manifest as severe nausea, pain that weakens the stomach and stomach. The patient may even experience excessive gas. If you or a loved one has developed cancer after taking acid medicine, you may have the right to sue the stomach cancer lawsuit against the manufacturer. Stomach cancer lawsuits allow individuals and families exposed to acid reflux medications to seek reimbursement for the medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other infliction caused by this dangerous drug.

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Given the location of the stomach, cancer in this area is usually very aggressive and spreads quickly and easily through major organs. Patients who experience symptoms also experience eating disorders, begin to lose weight rapidly, and become dehydrated because the consumption of food or fluids through the digestive tract becomes very painful. 

The presence of lymph nodes in the abdominal cavity causes the symptoms of gastric cancer to spread to other major organs and become systemic rather than localized and enter the bloodstream, resulting in the death of the patient. The nature of stomach acid is susceptible to the spread and development of cancer because digestive acids have the ability to cause rapid mutations in precancerous lesions, leading to the spread of cancer. 

Stomach Cancer – Not Just Stomach Pain?