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A sequin blazer is one such wear that can be paired up with different colored trousers, jeans, and even casuals. Since these blazers and jackets are shiny and glittery, it is advisable to wear them to nonformal events like evening parties and wedding functions.

Avoid wearing these jackets during the daytime. Make sure to not go with a contrasting look. Sequin blazers look good in similar colored outfits like jeans, pants, or trousers. Dark-colored ones are sure to make people turn their heads toward you.

Always buy dark-colored sequin jackets from genuine and authentic stores for great quality fabric. You can also buy mens fashionable Jackets online.


Although there are various blazers available, you must do thorough research to pick the best that suits your needs. Wear light-colored ones during the daytime and keep the dark and glittery ones reserved for evening occasions. Always keep the accessories minimal to avoid looking lame.

Buy the proper size of your blazer to avoid any last-minute rush to the tailor. Buy from a store that offers you a size chart. Also, you get the benefit of home delivery by purchasing clothes from an online store.

There are various kinds of blazers available in the market, but you need to decide and select wisely as to which blazer will perfectly fit your needs. Let's talk about a casual blazer first. The usually worn color is the navy blazer that suits well with almost every other kind of suit. This was first bought into the limelight during the 19th century.

Styling Up a Mens Sequin Blazer
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