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Table tennis is similar to lawn tennis. It's played by two or more players at a table using wooden paddles and a small hollow-plastic ball. There are different types of ping pong table for outdoors and indoor

It is a physically demanding game and if you are good enough then take it seriously. This is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination which is essential in everyday life. It's also a great arm workout, as your arms are always in motion. 

You might not notice your legs getting exercise because your arms are so busy during matches. You get a great cardiovascular workout from playing.

To keep up with this intense sport, a player must be alert and on the move at all times. The game requires extreme concentration and focus. Senior citizens will find it very beneficial to participate because it keeps their brains active. No matter what age, gender, or size a player is, they can all play!

You can see the benefits of table tennis when it comes to improving your reflexes by watching any video. It's amazing to see how quickly the players bounce the ball around and how their eyes never leave the table.

As they watch the ball, their eyes dart backward and forth constantly. They hit the ball so fast, there's little time for recovery after it hits the paddle.

Table tennis is a great sport! It doesn't require any athleticism to play and can be played at any time of the year. 

The Benefits of Table Tennis