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The most important element that everyone needs to be maintained, is fresh clean air to breathe. Good for industrial applications or homes, the need for air dehumidifying systems has increased comparatively due to constant fluctuations in climate and excessive moisture conditions. 

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Although all types of air compression units offer a competitive advantage over each other, oil-free air equipment is also known as a piston compressor, offering a variety of benefits that make it one of the best air drying systems.

Scientifically designed to compress air, this system has a unique design and mechanism that prevents oil from incoming contact with an internal screw.Prevent the risk of OIL spills, an oil-free air company is less pollutant, compared to the compressor that uses oil. 

Technically, compressors are available in three different variants, i.e.Back, rotary centrifugal screw, and rotate.Although all three types of compressors can function efficiently without using oil, swivel screw air compressors continue to be the most widely used models.

Built with a high-precision level, the oil-free screw compressor has a compression system, which is not lubricated and has a screw that is free of contact.

The oil-free air compressed system is widely used in industrial applications, for the level of security and efficiency they offer. However, they are also used in and around the house, because they are flexible and comfortable to use. 

As an oil-free unit compresses air with the help of screws, they have lower discharge pressure compared to air conditioning systems, which use oil for compression. 


The Benefits Of Using An Oil Free Air Compressor