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Various T-shirt printing processes are used all over the world. Of these methods, the heat transfer method has received much attention. This is the best t-shirt printing method available for on-site printing and small order printing.

Customers who proceed to vinyl thermal transfer printing will be given the option to choose the color and size of the t-shirt according to their preferences. If you want to get the services of vinyl t-shirt printing, then you can browse to


The image is first printed on transfer paper. This is different from the traditional printing process on t-shirts, where the design is transferred directly to the t-shirt. Specially designed transfer paper is used here. This transfer paper has a smooth surface. On the other hand, it can also serve as an ink medium.

The next step is to transfer the image from the paper to the T-shirt with a heat press. You can also print your designs on many other materials such as cups and saucers. High pressure and high temperature are used here to maintain pressure for a certain period of time.

The t-shirt screen printing machine can then permanently paste the image over the t-shirt. It can give you great results at the end of the day.

You will also find many different types of thermal transfer vinyl paper. For example, some papers are designed for professional t-shirt printing machines while others are designed for convenient use with a home iron.

The Benefits of Using Heat Transfer Vinyl